Autonomous bio-ecological greenhouse | Kaseco Plus

First autonomous bio-ecological greenhouse in Belgium

With the slogan ‘Actions speak louder than words’ Kaseco builds the first autonomous bio-ecological greenhouse on Belgian soil, in West-Flemish Rekkem. This greenhouse is the ultimate reflection of Kaseco’s construction philosophy. Completely autonomous (not connected to water, gas or electricity net), built from bio-ecological, cultivable materials or at least from completely recyclable materials, should the greenhouse ever be demolished.  Thus the whole project honours the cradle-to-cradle principle of circular economy and builds upon the thinking of the main pioneers who previously laid the foundations of this living and lifestyle under glass.

How does the greenhouse work?

The greenhouse consists of a timber frame construction surrounded by a conservatory. A building with a double skin, of which the outer skin – the glass frame – forms a microclimate around the house and office space.

What is there to see in the greenhouse?

Apparently the greenhouse can be admired from architectural and technical point of view, but it is equally thrilling to see how residents can live to the rhythm of nature, enjoying the light and the swimming pond. Particularly interesting: how they eat and take delight in cooking home-grown vegetables, juicy fruit and fragrant herbs the food forest has to offer.  

Innovative techniques behind the greenhouse

The greenhouse makes use of very innovative materials and systems:  

  • solar panels in glass panels
  • PV panels connected to a salt water battery
  • solar collector for warm water
  • balanced ventilation
  • circular concrete
  • energy-friendly lighting
  • cellulose/wood wool blown insulation for the timber frame structure
  • thermally interrupted wooden windows with an aluminum front and triple glazing
  • solid Internorm wood (German system)
  • single glazing for the conservatory and laminated glass for the roof, with an U-value of 0.5
  • water neutral circuit collection for rainwater with lava filter, rainwater tank, cistern and percolation fields
  • Elektra-connection in start-up period, to be used as generator only in case of an electricity shortage

Interested? On view from November 2018

From November 2018 architect Koen Vandewalle and Samia Wielfaert, the driving forces behind Kaseco, will themselves move into this autonomous, detached house with office function that they designed and built for themselves. On a regular basis the greenhouse will be open to the public, on open house days and special events by invitation.

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