Concept | Kaseco Plus

Kaseco: knowledge and advice centre

Kaseco puts the autonomous bio-ecological greenhouse first as the living concept of the future. Naturally this innovative housing vision will not immediately be available for everyone. At this point Kaseco wants to be the point of contact for everyone building a healthy environment-friendly living or working area. Specifically we are talking about:  

  • new buildings
  • renovation
  • building advice
  • spatial planning
  • projects for companies, cities and districts

Kaseco wants to create an innovative building and working environment that 100 % autonomously ensures its own energy supply, originating from renewable sources. By this decentralized energy production the central energy net will not be strained as much.   At the end of their life cycle buildings have to be fully dismantled with a minimal environmental impact. This way we fully honour the cradle-to-cradle principle.

Kaseco develops concepts that can be fully or partially utilized in living as well as in working and public environments. We want to further refine these concepts, so that buildings can evolve from almost energy neutral (BEN) to energetic independent to even energy+ buildings (energy generating). 

Kaseco +: the construction company

Together with our construction team we also implement your building plans. Here we strive for harmony between human and environment following the principles of circular construction and respecting the cradle-to-cradle principle and we combine bio-ecological materials with recycled materials. Thus we take a step towards a circular economy.