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New development: starting in pole-position with a smart plot of land choice

 New development is the ideal starting situation when you want to go for the full picture. Then you can strive for the full experience, like it is the case in the first autonomous bio-ecological greenhouse in Rekkem, where you can fully respect the principles of autonomy, energy efficiency, sustainability and circular construction.

Kaseco advises you from the first step

When you are convinced of this construction principle and the lifestyle associated with it, it is advisable to consult Kaseco in an early stage. Then we can give our opinion or advice about the plot of land or building lot you have in mind. We will take a close look at the following items:

  • What are the environmental conditions?
  • How is the plot of land oriented?
  • What are the regulations in your municipality?
  • Open plot of land or adjacent houses?

Together we make the right choices

We can get to work on nearly every plot of land, but one plot can be exploited better than others. Making the right choice right away gives you a head start. Then we will make the most well-considered and sensible choices in materials, energy friendliness, water supply, etc.  

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