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How far do you want to go along in building a sustainable future?

Determine for yourself which effort you are willing to and are able to put in, now and in the future. At Kaseco we are happy to give you advice about how you can include as many elements as possible from our sustainable construction philosophy into your new building or renovation.  

The autonomous bio-ecological greenhouse

This is the summum when you want to fully diminish your ecological footprint and live an enriching life in harmony with nature at the same time. You want to live off-grid, independent from gas, water and electricity suppliers and enjoy your light-filled terrace, your refreshing swimming pond, delicious fruit and fresh vegetables from your food forest, with in addition a positive impact on your monthly family budget.  

Energy-efficient, bio-ecological, circular construction principles for your project

The full option of an autonomous bio-ecological greenhouse is not always possible everywhere and for everyone. Nevertheless, there are often more possibilities than you suspect to integrate as many principles into your new building or renovation as possible. We may be water or energy neutral or we can use as many cultivable materials as possible. We would like to work together within your own specific context.  

Contact us for an exploratory discussion

We feel out the possibilities in an exploratory discussion. Together we put the pieces of the puzzle into place and investigate to what extent we can integrate the bio-ecological and circular construction principles in your (re)construction project. With possible adjustments for the future.