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Renovation: a lot of autonomy and circular construction are still possible

It is not possible for everyone to start building new development on a new building lot. You may have inherited an existing house or choose to move to the city: a good thing even.

Semi-greenhouse with attention to autonomy and water neutrality

It is a misconception to abandon all construction principles of the autonomous bio-ecological greenhouse. No, in that case we will thoroughly think about the best possible semi-greenhouse. We will look into what is good about the existing property and what we can improve. We can still renovate ecologically with special attention to autonomy and water neutrality by constructing a floor based on the principles of our example greenhouse.

Advice on orientation

Just like with new development it is advisable to contact us in the earliest stage possible. That way we can immediately take a close look at your property you have in mind and test its feasibility and possibilities. Orientation is even more important here and sometimes more delicate. But every situation is unique and requires unique advice.

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