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Design principles

The Kaseco greenhouse ...

  • is autonomous and energy-friendly
  • is bio-ecological
  • lives up to the cradle-to-cradleprinciples of circular construction

The principles behind the autonomous bio-ecological greenhouse



Our greenhouse is unique in living an autonomous life. As such it completely fits into the rapidly growing off-grid lifestyle in which we choose to be self-sufficient and independent from suppliers or gas, water and electricity connections.  


Building according to bio-ecological principles we aim to use as many natural and cultivable construction materials as possible. Those have the advantage that they have unlimited supply and that their extraction process is less or not harmful to the environment. By building bio-ecologically we ensure more harmony between human and environment: a healthy mind in a healthy body can thrive fully in healthy surroundings.

Circular construction

We build according to circular economy principles, also called circular economy. That means that we do not exhaust any or the least possible raw material supplies and so we have to think about the choice of materials for the greenhouse from the start of construction.   In the world of design and construction the German chemist Michael Braungart and the American architect William McDonough translated this principle to the cradle-to-cradle philosophy in which they chose to use materials that could be used again in the future for other projects without quality loss.