Live and experience | Kaseco Plus

Live and experience

  • geniet op je terras of in de binnentuin
  • take a walk in the food forest
  • light & lightning
  • take a refreshing plunge into the swimming pond

Leven in de bio-ecologische kaswoning is een beleving

 Naturally our principles revolve around the environment. But also around human beings, and more about harmony between human and environment. You do not only live in an autonomous bio-ecological greenhouse  to improve the lot of our planet but also to offer yourself a range of experiences. Another way of living but also an experience. Create a spring feeling in your home for at least 9 months.



Always nice to relax on your sun terrace with a lot of light (or 90% of the year).

Food forest

 Always fresh vegetables and delicious fruit from your own food forest (a strawberry, anyone?).

Swimming pond

Always pleasant temperatures for a plunge in the water (with or without swimming trunks?).


Always an outdoor feeling giving you energy and making you happy (fan of spring fever?).