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Nature as a source

  • water as a source of life, energy and vitality
  • sun as a source of heat, light and vitamins

Nature as a source

The greenhouse is an autonomous living and/or working entity and is therefore not connected to the network of the public water supply, the public sewer system and the gas or electricity network. The greenhouse aims to be self-sufficient in:


In the autonomous bio-ecological greenhouse we only make use of rainwater.  The rainwater is collected and goes through a lava filter to the rain water tanks. The sewage ends up in a septic tank after which it is pumped into a percolation field, with reed and other plants, where nature purifies the water.  The purified water is discharged into the connecting stream.   The recreative function of the water present comes in handy: the greenhouse also houses a swimming pond in which it is very nice to relax in summer.


The energy in the autonomous bio-ecological greenhouse can only be delivered by solar energy.  In any case we need little or no energy to maintain the temperature. By choosing our materials consciously the temperature within the building remains nearly constant.  The energy produced by solar panels will be applied mainly for the production of sanitary hot water and for the lighting and other electrical installations in the building. The temperature in the conservatory will be controlled by the natural chimney effect designed. 

The temperature in the conservatory will be controlled by the natural chimney effect designed.  The ridge of the greenhouse can open completely and cooler air can be supplied through underground tubes or through four large sliding doors in each wind direction.   Only at the beginning, the greenhouse is connected to the energy net until we have a better idea of the exact electrical consumption of the building. Only then can we exactly calculate storage capacity. The intention is to disconnect gradually. During winter months you have a usable outdoor space available in the greenhouse, in which you can enjoy sunny frost days. The conservatory transforms the space around the house into a spot evoking a feeling of eternal spring.